Accident Survivor Finds Healing “Home” at Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center

The afternoon of September 18th 2012 started out like any other for 25 year old Jennifer Schmidt she picked her three year old son Ryder up from day care and was headed home to her husband and 8 year old daughter Brooke in Unadilla. Jennifer doesn’t remember what happened next, doctors believe her body just simply shut down from stress and Jennifer lost control of her car. When she awoke at the Trauma Center at Bryan Medical Center West Campus she learned that she had been in a one car motor vehicle accident and had to be life flighted. Jennifer’s car had rolled at least three times and she was ejected. Jennifer suffered multiple injuries including clavicle, humerus, wrist, pelvic and rib fractures, which resulted in two separate surgeries. Thankfully, her son Ryder remained in his child safety seat and besides being obviously frightened only received a minor bump to the head, he was taken by ambulance to the Trauma Center where he was treated and released.

After spending a week at the hospital Jennifer was informed she would need inpatient skilled rehabilitation services. She and her family had heard wonderful things about Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center and decided that it would be the place for her to rehabilitate. On September 25th Jennifer was admitted to Southlake Village for therapy and nursing care. Jennifer had a long road ahead of her when she came to Southlake, she could walk but was unable to use either arm and had a lot of pain. One of Jennifer’s nurses Debbie Hazen, RN states “Jennifer was highly motivated and took an active role in developing and following her plan of care. She has such a gentle spirit, good outlook on life and truly realizes how blessed she is.”

According to Jennifer “The (Southlake Village) staff was so helpful and gave me to up most respect. While I was here for rehab, my children and I really missed each other and the staff arranged for my daughter to have a sleep over with me at Southlake. I really appreciated how well she was treated and that the staff was willing to help her with things I could not, due to my injuries.”

On October 20, 2012 Jennifer was dismissed from Southlake, but continued with out-patient therapy three days a week. Jennifer states “I wanted to continue to therapy at Southlake Outpatient because of my connection with my Occupational Therapist Kim Mihulka. She really got to know me and I feel comfortable with the great care I receive at Southlake Village. I would definitely recommend Southlake Village to others; everyone is very nice and friendly. When I was at Southlake it was home. Even now, that I am gone, it is still a place I like to call home.”

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