Huskers Visit Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center

Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center resident Fred Duven had two pretty impressive visitors on Thursday, January 24, 2013. Nebraska Husker student athletes Ciante Evans and Ameer Abdullah from the Football team paid a special visit coordinated by Fred’s hospice social worker, Jill McCarty of HoriSun Hospice to meet the avid Husker fan.

Fred was enthused to meet the student athletes- he and his wife Marilyn ensured that his favorite Husker memorabilia was on display and looking great. Fred smiled from ear to ear as Ciante and Ameer entered his room with an autographed football in hand. Mr. Duven offered each of the players his hand and welcomed them into his home at Southlake Village. Fred and the players talked and joked for over a half hour. Fred took the opportunity to ask about playing challenges – such as how players get long hair tucked under their helmets. Ameer was a great sport and walked Fred through the process step by step.

Fred was very impressed with both players focus on academics at UNL and the impact academics had in choosing the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to play football. Ameer confessed that his mother had a lot to do with him choosing UNL, as she wanted him to play for a school with a great educational program. Fred told staff and peers “both guys were good conversationalists, handsome and I am proud they are focusing on their grades while at UNL.”

The visit was a true blessing to all- Fred, his wife Marilyn and the Husker players.

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