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Southlake Village

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Providing Excellence in Skilled Rehabilitation Services

For more than 40 years, Jack and Eldora Vetter have provided outstanding care to seniors, focusing on Dignity in Life. Southlake Village is the next step to providing quality care.

From its inception, Southlake Village was specifically designed to meet the needs of those seniors needing short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. At Southlake Village, we have created a culture of rehabilitation and overall improvement of health. Patients are served by staff trained to meet the unique and specialized needs of short-term rehab patients. Our team is dedicated to encouraging and motivating our patients to excel in therapy and regain daily life skills.


Unique to Southlake Village is our emphasis on discharge. Our commitment to a patient’s return to home or to a retirement community is best evidenced by our strong commitment to providing discharge planning. This commitment ensures that the patient will be successful well after leaving Southlake Village.

State-of-the-art technology has been interlaced throughout the facility. Mobile resident charting allows clinicians to capture data right at the bedside. This real-time tracking greatly improves accuracy, decreases errors, and streamlines the entire care process. Physicians can access patient information from any location on a moment’s notice. This technology allows clinicians substantially less time with administrative paperwork and more time with patients and families. Care is enhanced and excellence is achieved.


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